Your Psychologist shouldn't see you as an object that needs to be 'fixed'. 

Your Psychologist shouldn't make you wait several weeks between assessment and treatment.

Your Psychologist shouldn't wait for you to speak to work with you.

Our Psychologist is integrative, combining popular and niche psycho-therapeutic methods to establish a gentle and respectful space; helping clients to become aware of their strengths. 

Our Psychologist is trans-personal, looking beyond a person's experiences and reasoning to access the depth and core of your feelings, values and ideas. 

We don't work on you, we work with you.

You will be cared for and offered space to just be, express your voice and dare to be who you were always meant to be. When this happens, you will be able to experience the transforming power of living true and being free.

So welcome! Browse the website to learn more about Dr Wemi, find out about what we offer and contact us!